our story

Our skills dates back to the 50s, when our founder Mr. Franco Ferretti  started his small workshop.
At the end of the 80s we then created our first integrated factory starting out with the corrugated cardboard production and then transforming it in boxes for your products.
At the end of the 90s we decided to conquer the Italian market and to develop Cart-One becoming in this way one of the leading Italian companies in the corrugated cardboard sector.
In 2005 we opened another factory in Casale di Mezzani installing a second corrugating machine which is the biggest in Europe and worldwide.
At the beginning of the new millennium we expanded into the European market and today we are members of the network Blue Box Partners. 
We have always been grow-oriented, we strengthened our competitiveness and we developed related ideas and projects investing in what we believe in:


Every packaging is made of certified and recyclable raw materials. We carefully use the needed energy resources avoiding waste and controlling their consumption.


We are constantly studying and researching new solutions for our customers, so that we can develop packaging able to anticipate market changes.

Innovation and training

Every year we invest about 10% of our revenue in training, technology and development of our production processes.


years of experience








our mission

to offer innovative, cutting-edge and high-quality packaging solutions.


To create the perfect box for each customer.


We believe in people and in their potential, because the greatness of a company is due to the skills and professionalism of all its co-workers. We reached big results and our ongoing growth is due to commitment and skills of each co-worker.

We believe that a company should bring wealth to people, surrounding area and environment. Our goal is to develop a path to sustainable growth, going beyond the mere quick profit by developing projects to give a healthy world to the future generations.

We believe in respecting the eco-system, therefore we commit ourselves every day to make our company increasingly more sustainable investing in process innovation and training, notably focusing on building company systems that wil respect business purposes and environment protection.


Cart-One is the company born from the Sandra and Antonio Sada & Figli joint-venture.

Investments and business choices of the last decades guarantee the same product quality and service in all the 5 Italian factories.

Cart-One is a BlueBox partner and guarantees high quality standards and professionalism throughtout Europe: from design to implementation, till the delivery of our customised packaging for each customer.

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