Christmas 2013

The partnership between Scatolificio Sandra and Porto di Coenzo arose almost accidentally.

What is there in common between a family company that produces corrugated cardboard packaging operating on the Italian and European markets, and a social integration centre for people with diminished ability whose main activities are producing artistic objects by hand through the use of recycled materials?

The encounter of these two different organisations has led to a re-evaluation.

We have reconsidered the whole idea of productivity and what we put into our work on a daily basis.

We stopped, and together, with fresh eyes, went back over our production cycles.

The differences are superficial and surmountable, and at the end of this journey we have come out surprisingly enriched.

What remains?

Hands and faces that bring products to life through work, team play, and passion.

We want to gift you the result of our experience.

Merry Christmas from Sandra

Natale con Sandra