Retail-sector and Shelf Ready Packaging

Thanks to ongoing researches in our R&D department and to strong cooperation with our customers, we designed packaging with two or even three functions: transportation, safeguard of integrity and product high-lightening. The corrugated cardboard packagings are able to transform themselves into small displays or easy-to-use cases for your product to be show on the retailer’s shelves, giving you the possibility to highlight your goods, your brand name and your product range. Our customers’ Marketing departments love this packaging because they get the highest functionality and product high-lightening with one single packaging, obtaining a sell increase. Using the Retail Ready packaging, customers can even replace just the inside bag and use the same box several times. Those are chosen to increase sells, to faster the turnover of fast-moving consumer goods, to increase product usability and availability in every corner or retailer’s shelve to the consumers.