For the purpose of continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our company processes, and to create high-quality products, we work in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Our mission is to meet the expectations of our customers, co-workers and community always better. Our ongoing quest for the highest possible quality has the following goals:

  • Looking for alternative and innovative packaging solutions
  • Adopting technological solutions to increase production and energy efficiency
  • To increase production processes standardisation
  • To better the managing of internal and external logistics thanks to workflow optimisation
  • To better the maintenance process increasing our internal control
We believe in this path

For years we have adopted the idea of sustainable business development towards environment, economy and community.

We want to help building a better world, increasing our business without diminish natural resources and promoting responsible consumption.

We give the same level of attention to people and for this reason we share our company goals, we foster strict workplace safety rules and we create a relaxed and cooperative working environment.

Environmental Product Declaration

Our Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) was developed following the International EPD System.

We are able to define our CO2 amount released into the atmosphere for the production of an average 1-kilo box, thanks to an important analysis procedure checking the whole production process – not only checked inside our premises but also towards the upstream and the downstream phases.

We commit to systematically reduce our environmental impact by acting on all aspects here below.


    A photovoltaic system able to produce over 1.000.000 KW/h power supply, of which about 85% is in-house consumption, and the remaining needs are covered by energy from clean sources.


    We have implemented projects for the energy saving inside our factories with excellent results. With the purpose or promoting ongoing improvement, we implement new projects for further reduction of energy consumption every year.


    Having developed a closed cycle, we do not waste the water used in the production since we purify industrial waste water reusing it for producing glues for our cardboard.

  • AIR

    All emissions into the atmosphere are periodically checked and we develop the best solutions for a good air quality inside and outside our factories and we optimise some paths of the means of transport.


    We gather and separate our industrial waste in compliance with the current regulations and we implement internal politics for waste reduction.


    We use about 80% of recycled paper for our production phases, reusing our paper and cardboard scraps.

  • Food safety

  • We guarantee a safe product for our customers and for the end customer.

    90% of our packaging is intended for the food industry and in the case of fruit and vegetables sector, it gets in direct contact with food.

    We prevent and manage every risk of chemical, physical or biological contamination.

    We use non-toxic raw material that is certified for food use, natural or water-based pigments, we split chemical or dangerous substances from the end product and we keep active a food safety management system.

  • Workers safety

  • One of our  primary commitments is the workplaec safety to protect our co-workers.

    We commit to guarantee a safe workplace where people have the possibility to safely express their skills at their best.

    We engage in awareness actions on the theme of safety not only to our co-workers but also to all their family members.

  • Social responsibility

  • We privilege closed collaboration with suppliers or agencies which are strongly committed in social and environmental sustainability as we are.

    For some years now we have been successfully collaborated  with cooperative social companies which have as primary goal to integrate disadvantaged subjects into employment (Type-B Italian Law 381/91) through activities in the environmental sector, such as maintenance of city green areas, sorting of waste to be recycled, management of recycling depots.