RicicloAperto 2017

Once again this year, Sandra S.p.A. took part in the Ricicloaperto edizione 2017 (Open Recycle edition 2017) event organised by Comieco to give information concerning the separate collection of waste as well as the recycling of paper and cardboard in 111 plants, spread throughout the Country from 26th to 28th April 2017, which aim to promote and show all different phases in the recycling process.


This event was organised in collaboration with Federazione della Filiera della Carta e della Grafica, Assocarta, Assografici, AISA and the sponsorship of: Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea, Anci, Fise Assoambiente, Fise Unire, Unirima and Utilitalia.


This event – meant for students and citizens – has become a very important appointment since 2001 and it has allowed more than 500.000 visitors to take a closer look at every phase in the collection of cellulose-based materials.[/vc_column_text]

The goal is to make people discover the industrial value of recycling, the skills of the different professional figures which revolve around the supply chain and the technology supporting this area to show live how paper and cardboard are actually recycled and to make everybody understand the importance of their everyday commitment in the separate collection of waste.


For this event, Sandra hosted two classes – 3rd section B and 3rd section C – of the primary school “T. Righi” of Poviglio (RE): children took part in interactive activities which allowed them to visit the company, following the recycling process.


Sandra was glad to receive thanks by Comieco event management (link to the PDF “Comieco thanks letter): we believe in the respect and safeguard of the environment, and we want to raise awareness throughout the territory by also educating today’s children who may become future collaborators.


While waiting for the 2018 edition, here are some pictures from RicicloAperto 2017 from all over Italy, on Comieco website.


See you next year!