SAFE CIRCLE project for home safety

Do you know that…

Statistics show that the house – even though it gives a sense of safety and protection – is actually a treacherous environment inside which every year about three million people undergo various accidents of different kinds and seriousness. For this reason the prevention policies and informative campaigns must be developed addressed to the health safeguard and the physical integrity of the individual

The past year Sandra S.p.A. took part in the ER.Rsi Innovatori responsabili (responsible innovators) competition of Emilia Romagna region, winning the first regional award on 12 December 2016 for the Corporate Social Responsibility in the category The company for Life Qaulity, with the Safe Circle project.

The project stems from the data of an inquiry conducted by “GIFCO” on home accidents, which are approximately 10 times those at work, and from the objectives requested by the UN Agenda 2030.  

We wondered whether a company like ours – always focusing on the territory and its own collaborators –  could make something to contribute to a greater sensitivity and knowledge of the home hazards, therefore a prevention of home accidents. The choice of creating a “Safe Circle” project stemmed from this:

  • To raise our awareness on the home and commuting hazards.
  • To make experience, instruments and methods developed in the companies over the years in the field of safety at work available to employees to be exploited in the house.
  • To train everybody to safe behaviors in every situation.
  • To develop together the HOME SAFETY AND THE SAFETY DURING THE NORMAL JOURNEY TO OR FROM HOME AND PLACE OF WORK starting from our collaborators and extending it to their families.


The day started with the welcome by Fausto Ferretti for the project presentation with the following words:

our business pays much attention to the safety and environment topics, and it intends to deal with the problems connected to the territory more and more. I believe, in fact, that a company must undoubtedly do the right things for the territory and its people, especially for the future generations. This is the reason why we together take care of the environment and we work respecting first those who work with us

The created groups have been organized in an interfunctional way (Manager, supervisor, head of departments, operator, back office manager, etc…) in order to ensure their authenticity, involvement, exchange, growth and sharing of the project, which has allowed  a better corporate communication and knowledge of one’s own colleagues.


About 300 people – whose approximately one-third made up by children – took part in the training course on the home safety run by the Engineer Luca La Rocca and on prevention and the correct notification of home accidents run by the doctor Cristiana Madoni, health manager of the Pubblica Assistenza (Health Public Assistance/Ambulance Service) of Parma.


All of this was made safer by he presence of the First Aid staff of Parma and the leisure-time animation group of ON/OFF space who have created recreational and educational spaces for the little children using the corrugated cardboard.


At the end of that day, approximately 70% of Sandra collaborators have taken part in the initiative.

Now we say goodbye, see you in September when Safe Circle educational phases will start.


The future perspective is to involve also the external collaborators, contractors and subcontractors of SANDRA S.p.A. into the project, thus promoting the safety culture.


The goal of Sandra is to raise awareness, educate and train the people close to the company on the matter of home accidents in order to  ensure the health and well-being for all and all ages: this is a token to remember that day


Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!