This year we have chosen to be a partner of a very interesting event born in 2009: Motomorphosis is an international and educational process made in Italy.


Born to educate and raise people’s awareness about safety and road mobility through fun and creativity across the whole Italian territory, it has become a unique and original event in very few years.


A unique, innovative and creative event.


Sandra as an institutional partner of Motomorphosis promotes and supports the initiatives proposed as educational and tutorial research activities, events and art competitions that highlight and tell about the world in motorcycles.


A motorcycle with no engine is the symbol of Motomorphosis and its message is not only for bikers and cyclists but for anyone who shares the road everyday.


Through the initiatives of artists, designers, institutions, companies, sponsors, enthusiasts and students, they are actively involved in creating a signature motorcycle, thus supporting the diffusion of the safety culture, starting with a silhouette designed exclusively by Pino Spagnolo – an important Italian designer.


It is possible to support this project directly from the Motomorphosis website, to celebrate life through a conscious guide and privileging the issue of safety, which Sandra really cares about.