SANDRA and useful sustainability

Sandra attended the meeting “Corporate Responsibility: actions and projects for sustainable development” organized by UPI (Parma Industrialists’ Union) and Socialis Observatory At Palazzo Soragna in Parma, on Thursday October 6.


During the meeting, we presented our evidence, in view of the transposition of the EU Directive 95/2014: business activity has an impact on environment and community to Sandra – always committed to social responsibility, environmental awareness and the well-being of people.


In our production and transformation processes of corrugated cardboard, the environmental and social choice prevails, with investments aimed at reducing waste, increasing safety at work, corporate welfare and the attention toward the territory.


How? With production plants lit by led light, with electricity coming only from renewable sources, with the continuous reduction of natural gas, with the recovery of 100% of the water used in industrial processes and with the reduction of the constant power consumption.

Attention to sustainability is a key element of today’s production system and increasingly integrated into our business culture of the new millennium.


Sandra has made a choice and a business value of this, which brings results not only at economic level, but it also improves the image both domestically and worldwide, just as the “VII report on the social commitment of Italian companies” presented by the Socialis Observatory points out.


Sustainability and community: two words in which Sandra invests and which has become part of our business culture.