Sandra’s EPD

The EPD (Environmental Product Declaration), developped in accordance with the International EPD System(, is a document that summarizes data relating to the environmental impact of our cardboard production system  based on  Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of our products from their origin (starting with the raw materials) to the end of their life (recovery process or disposal at dumping ground).This study assesses the energy and environmental impact of the system, including production processes by the suppliers of raw materials upstream of the production process carried out by Scatolificio Sandra, as well as the impact generated directly by the company and the handling of boxes at the end of their life.
Through the combined analysis conducted by our technicians, by our industrial accounting staff and external consultants, we have been able to calculate various data among which carbon footprint i.e. the quantity of CO2 released in the atmosphere to produce one kg of boxes at Scatolificio Sandra.

This exercise was possible only because Scatolificio Sandra keeps under control all of the environmental aspects and all of the elements that contribute to its production process, not only at their plants, but also upstream and downstream.