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Assistance and beyond.
Providing a good customer care bring us to pay great attention on the whole supply chain, from the design phase till delivery of the packaging, checking the packaging line of every customer. We then verify any possible critical issue in order to prevent them with customised solutions.
Choose our services. Our 60-year-long experience together with the latest technologies and great enthusiasm in the  corrugated cardboard sector are at your disposal to cope with your requirements easily, efficiently and immediately thanks to our direct communication line. This avoids complex processes and methods and guarantee you a direct technical assistance at your premises and at your packaging lines to build repeatable and effective process innovation.
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  • Production lines

  • Competitive and innovation-oriented.

    Our granted goal is to supply you with a packaging with all the needed features for your product. At any given moment SANDRA will satisfy your needs thanks to the synergy between our corrugating machines and our technologically advanced manufacturing machines.

  • Vertical integration

  • Our daily synergy between research, training and production simplifies and streamlines the whole vertically integrated production cycle.

    We start from the paper warehouse and related raw materials till the

    logistics, production cycle and the corrugated cardboard processing. All of them are managed and optimised to decrease environmental impact thanks to the most up-to-dated technologies of warehouse management.

We offer you highly efficient production lines for your product needs
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Every year we invest about 10% of our revenues in innovation, research and development to guarantee the best solutions for you. We have always been developing and designing products able to satisfy all requirements of our customers, creating innovative packaging to solve specific problems and to reduce costs. During the design and production phases we offer you customised solutions: together with our R&d department in a short time you can obtain the solutions you are looking for.


We use certified and high-quality raw materials, coming from suppliers who share our same values of sustainability and social responsibility. Our ongoing enhancement of production processes are pointed to decrease raw material consumption without affecting end product quality. We use indeed lighter paper but with the same mechanical performance, we streamline the starch use to produce glue, and we refine the use of paraffin on waterproof cardboard. We research on pigments, eco-sustainable inks, and last-generation polymers for printing.


Materials are checked in our lab, one of the most modern and sophisticated to control and analyse raw materials, semifinished products and finished products Thanks to this process we recreate the environmental and climatic conditions that the packaging will encounter later, so we can verify the packaging quality in advance and satisfy our customers' needs. Strict sampling and testing procedures guarantee the compliance with ISO standards and great attention is given to data collecting and their subsequent analysis. The whole lab area is air-conditioned following the regulations and a segregated and thermoregulated cell allows us to analyse the overall variations in condition of humidity on the trays for fruits and vegetables.


Innovation is provided by the people working in our company and by their know-how in studying functional and innovative packaging solutions. An healthy growth is possible only through team-playing. We believe if each co-workers feels involvement, motivation and job satisfaction, they can lead our company to reach the highest goals. For this reason we continuously invest in training: we truly believe it to be a key to grow and make our company really competitive. The more our team gains know-how, the more we can offer you functional and innovative packaging solutions.