Special Mention RSI for SANDRA

The Emilia Romagna region introduced the award RSI Social Responsibility of Enterprise, which 43 companies of this territory competed for. 10 special mentions have been given to projects developed on the regional territory, including SANDRA which has been awarded for the project created and developed together with “Il porto di Coenzo”, Socio-occupational training centre for handicapped people. This project was created in 2013 and it is still going on now with the same care and enthusiasm of those involved.

A social commitment, which we wanted to accept concretely supporting the concept of united business, as a confirmation of the working cohesion and of the development of a special relationship. Together with young people of Il Porto di Coenzo we decided to choose an object representing our work: concept, project, color, recycle and a lot of passion. From the creativity as well as the manual skills of the young people of Il Porto di Coenzo’s, a leather item has been produced: it is completely handmade with waste materials coming from previous industrial activities. An item, which is the symbol of the solidarity, implemented thanks to work.