Sandra alongside Plastic Free Onlus against the plastic waste in the environment

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Sandra a fianco di Plastic Free Onlus

Plastic pollution is one of the most painful problems that afflicts us.

Plastic, not being degradable, if left  in nature remains for hundreds of years, with terrible  consequences for humans and animals.

At Sandra’s we strongly believe that is highly necessary to pay  more attention to the environment.

For years we have adopted a philosophy of sustainable development, committing ourselves to making the right choices and reinforcing those virtuous behaviors that, inside and outside the company, can represent a small but concrete help.

It is for this reason that we offered our support to the fight against plastic pollution by sponsoring the collection event organized in Parma by Plastic Free Onlus, one of the most important voluntary associations dedicated to this issue.

The initiative was held last September 26th, not only in Parma but in many cities in Italy, and saw many volunteers united and engaged in the collection of plastic and garbage, with the aim of cleaning up the environment and make them flow as much as possible to recycling.

All this in the hope that plastic will finally be eliminated in favor of more ecofriendly materials and that a clean environment will stimulate people to preserve its integrity.

Read the article about the National plastic collection Day:

338 appuntamenti in contemporanea in tutt’Italia, Plastic Free Onlus lancia il nuovo evento nazionale – Plastic Free Odv Onlus

And see the pictures of the event in the city of Parma: