Wins and new challenges for corrugated cardboard:
the interview with Sandra’s CEO for Il Corriere della Sera

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Fausto Ferretti

Paper beats single-use plastic: corrugated cardboard is all the rage in the world of packaging, becoming an undisputed protagonist in the food sector. More than 50% of corrugated cardboard packaging is destined for the food and beverage sector. With 8 and a half billion square meters placed on the market, our country is second in Europe, behind only Germany, for the production of corrugated cardboard.

Fausto Ferretti, Sandra’s Managing Director and President of G.I.F.C.O. Gruppo italiano fabbricanti di cartone ondulato, takes stock of the greatest victories, innovations and next challenges of the sector. In the interview released to Corriere della Sera you can find his thoughts.