ECOGRIP, the sustainable alternative to shrink wrap for bottles

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Consumers are increasingly packaging-conscious when it comes to choosing products to buy. They want to engage in environmental sustainability and become active participants in change. This is why they prefer to buy products with biodegradable packaging.

Brands and manufacturers across Europe are also becoming increasingly vigilant in analysing their packaging strategies and looking for sustainable alternatives. Recycling rates of plastic bottles and containers are progressively improving in the waste cycle, yet shrink wrap remains one of the most difficult products to recycle and replace, unlike other types of plastic.

In response to this problem, Blue Box Partners, the European alliance of carton packaging manufacturers to which Sandra belongs through its membership of the Cart-One network, has developed a sustainable packaging alternative for bottle transport: ECOGRIP.

ECOGRIP eliminates the need for disposable plastic shrink film, making it a perfect alternative that meets the requirements of manageability, robustness and ease of transport. It is a 100% biodegradable cardboard packaging, totally recycled and recyclable. It is designed to fit any type of bottle on the market and to be customised to the specific needs of the customer.

Finally, the innovative design and sustainability of the product make it a real marketing tool for companies, adding value to the brand and influencing the perceived quality of the end product in the eyes of the consumer.

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