Sandra’s Green Spacer™, the barrier that divides but unites

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In this period in which we faced the uncertainty and fear of the pandemic wave at global level, with the consequence of lockdown, restrictions and forced isolation, we combined our energies to think of a product that could meet the new needs of social distancing through the potential of our machinery.

With our digital line Nasikajet and its hexachrome printing, we have “dressed” the cardboard with new, bright colors that could brighten up this moment: here is the Green SpacerTM project, which allows to live working and sharing environments safely, such as open spaces, classrooms, reception.

These protective barriers are made of recycled cardboard and are equipped with a transparent window in A-PET: both materials are fully recyclable. Our strength is to propose a useful but also environmentally sustainable product, which can fit into the market saturated with heavy and fragile plexiglass partitions.

With this project we wanted to make a contribution, albeit small in comparison with doctors and health care providers, and do our part for a society that will have to readjust in anticipation of a future, hopefully, without COVID-19.

Our proposal has been well received by provincial and regional authorities, some companies have chosen us to repopulate their offices with customized panels, with an ad hoc study of graphics and colors.

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