Sandra and Cigno Verde: the start of a partnership to promote employment in the area

Category: Special Projects

Sandra e Cigno Verde

Sustainability and equal opportunities: our company has always been committed to generating value for the environment and for the local socio-economic fabric. We are strongly linked to our territory where we are born and grown over the past sixty-one years. A path that sees us committed to corporate social responsibility: on one hand to reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing activities, and on the other to remember the importance of putting people at the center and generating shared well-being.

Starting from these premises, we are happy to announce the beginning of a partnership with the social cooperative Cigno Verde of Parma. Guided by a strong spirit of solidarity, Cigno Verde has been dealing since 1989 with the employment of disadvantaged people, promoting the processes of social and work inclusion of people who have more difficulty in integrating into the community.

The signing of this agreement makes our company  even more active in the establishment of social welfare and development of the territory.